Our Boat

Our boat is a 33’ twin engined Aquastar which we purchased in 2006.

Her name is IFIELD DIVER and she’s kept on a permanent mooring in Brighton Marina.

She’s equipped with navigation, communication and safety equipment (including a liferaft) similar to that found on the professional charter boats. She even has a tail lift to bring the divers out of the water effortlessly at the end of a dive.

Because of her range, we’re able to get to all of the best dive sites around the area. (Click the link below to see details of some of the wrecks around Brighton.)


Once back on board, purpose-built bench seating with racks to stow cylinders, a microwave oven and a kettle all help to make for a comfortable journey back to the Marina or on to the next dive site.

Our Skippers are all club members. Being divers, they know just what you’re hoping to get out of your dive and they will do their best to help you achieve it. It’s worth remembering that the Skipper carries quite a responsibility for everyone’s safety and enjoyment and for that reason he has the final word in all decisions at sea.