Technical Diving

As an independent, SDI affiliated club, we recognise diving qualifications gained through almost every training agency and organisation throughout the world, including technical qualifications from professional training agencies such as:

GUE (Global Underwater Explorers)

TDI (Technical Diving International)

IANTD (International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers)

ITDA (International Technical Diving Association)

ANDI (Association of Nitrox Divers International)

PSAI (Professional Scuba Association International)

We are open to all valid diving regimes, including DIR and sidemount and our membership includes Technical Nitrox and Tri-Mix qualified divers.

We also have members with Closed Circuit Rebreathers, so if you’re an experienced technical diver looking for a club that caters for all levels of diving, or want to learn more about technical diving, join us!

Closed Circuit rebreather diver exploring the deep wreck of the Justicia off Malin Head (Northern Ireland) 
The happy diver just hanging-around on a long deco stop.