The Club

Ifield Divers is an independent sub aqua club run by and for amateur sport divers. We are affiliated to Scuba Diving International (SDI), part of Technical Diving International (TDI), through which we are able to issue internationally recognised qualifications (see Training for further information).

We welcome beginners as well as qualified divers. As an independent club, we can accept the qualifications issued by most other organisations without any complicated cross-over requirements.

We meet every Thursday evening from 9pm to 10pm at the K2 pool in Crawley.
Lecture/social evenings are held on Wednesday evenings at Three Bridges Cricket Club from around 8.30pm onwards.

In addition to our training activities, we undertake a varied programme of open water diving, both locally and further afield, throughout the season. Diving holidays and social activities are arranged every year.

We have our own dive boat moored in Brighton Marina. This is a twin engined, 33’ vessel equipped with navigation and safety equipment (including a diver lift), giving access to all the best dive sites in the area.

Our minimum age for Membership is generally 16 years although we do exercise some discretion here. Membership is subject to a reasonable level of competence in the water being shown and any periodic limiting of membership numbers.

Initially, beginners will be expected, with guidance and tuition, to be able to complete a basic swimming test – see Training.

Applicants who have already gained qualifications from other clubs or organisations will be asked to verify these qualifications and undertake a short pool assessment before being accepted as members.

All Members pay Subscriptions. In addition, new members pay a Joining Fee.

All members have to complete a ‘self declaration’ medical upon joining. This is renewable every year. We provide the forms for this and there are no costs involved. If there is any reason for you not being able to complete this self declaration, we can recommend a local ‘diving doctor’ whose opinions can be sought..