The training we give is based on, but often exceeds, the guidelines laid down by Scuba Diving International (SDI).
We do not run set length courses, preferring to progress at a speed at which each novice is happy.

The skills taught commence with basic snorkelling techniques, moving on through elementary sub aqua training towards a target of the ‘Open Water Scuba Diver’ qualification. This is the minimum level required.
Once experience in open water is gained, the more advanced ‘Advanced Adventure Diver’ award is available to those wishing to further their qualifications.

Training In K2 Pool

The theory side of the training comprises ‘e-learning’ – a computer based lecture programme devised by SDI. This is supplemented with ‘in-house’ lectures given at our Wednesday evening meetings at Three Bridges Cricket Club.

The qualification grades are:

Open Water Scuba Diver (depth limit 18metres),
Advanced Adventure Diver (depth limit 30 metres).

Further qualifications are available to enable you to dive to 40 metres and beyond once you have gained some experience.

The Basic Swimming Test (after tuition and guidance) for all beginners is:

  • 5 lengths breaststroke
  • 2 lengths backstroke
  • 1 length breast stroke wearing a weight belt*
  • Float on back for 5 minutes with minimum leg/arm movement
  • Tread water for one minute with arms above head
  • Surface dive to recover an object from the bottom of the pool, six times**

    *weight is variable at the discretion of the Instructor.
    ** tuition will be given before undertaking this part of the test.

In addition to the diver training programme, other skills are taught from time to time. These include Instructor qualifications, Oxygen Administration, Diver First Aid, Basic Boat-handling, Chartwork and Navigation. Some courses have a minimum diver qualification requirement. Rev 2018

Become a Certified SCUBA Diver